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Most people tend to underestimate what they can achieve financially over the long-term.

Whatever your financial goals are, whether you want to save money on your mortgage, create wealth or save tax, with the right amount of planning and time, it is possible.

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Lara Maloney & Forrest Denize
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Lara is fantastic to deal with. She has made a huge difference to the way we approach our finances and has given us a cohesive and achievable plan to work to. We would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to create a retirement plan which they can feel confident in.


Lara - Excellent communicator, accommodating, puts clients first. Cannot recommend enough.




As your Financial Advisers, we specialise in helping you achieve financial freedom through debt management, tax savings and wealth creation strategies that show you how to make money and manage your finances.

We follow the 6-step financial advice process. This is the international benchmark for financial planning that has been proven to increase the likelihood of you achieving your financial goals when combined with a holistic approach to your overall financial affairs.

During your first consultation, we gather all the necessary facts to better understand what it is you want to achieve, what your current situation is and what resources you have available to help you accomplish those goals.

Once you become a client, our Advisory Panel develops a detailed strategy showing you how to achieve your financial goals. Once you understand and approve this, we then begin working with you to manage the long-term implementation.

Please Note: My Future financial advisers do not carry out the implementation of your strategy, rather we introduce you to the appropriate professional at the appropriate time, for example if you require additional lending or a restructure of your existing lending we will introduce you to our specialist mortgage broker, if you require advice on buying, selling or holding a portfolio of managed funds we will introduce you to an appropriately qualified and authorised financial adviser.

What are your financial goals?

Understand where my money goes so I can begin using it wisely

Do you ever get to the end of the week and wonder where all your money went? Or does the everyday cost of living seem to make it impossible to save, let alone think about your kids’ education and retirement?

Creating a budget is the important first step to understanding your money habits and getting real about where your money goes. Once you’re armed with this knowledge, you can then monitor and control your finances and make intelligent decisions to use it wisely.

We can show you how to make your budget work even smarter.


Pay off my mortgage early

For many Kiwis, paying off the family mortgage is the number one priority and this makes sense.

Who wouldn’t want the added security of knowing your home is paid off? Not only that, but imagine the fun you could have once that mortgage payment is now being directed towards those other things you have on your bucket list.

We could save you thousands of dollars in interest and have your home paid off years sooner, without needing to change your lifestyle.


Take my kids to Disneyland and do other fun things

If you find it a challenge keeping up with the cost of everyday living, the pressure of needing to save for retirement and trying to put your kids through school, then fun things like taking a family holiday to Disneyland, having a holiday home or upgrading to a new car, can all seem like an impossible feat.

We believe it’s possible to save for retirement and have a life along the way. You just have to plan.

We can help you to have a life and still achieve all your financial goals.


Plan for my children's education

Education doesn’t come free in New Zealand, and with the constant changes to the Student Loan Scheme, many of our kids are entering the workforce already burdened with large student loans.

We understand it’s every parent’s wish to give their children the best possible start to life and a good education is a cornerstone to setting them up for success. We believe it’s possible to send them to the best schools and Universities and still plan for a great retirement. You just need to plan.

You can plan for your kid’s education and still achieve all your other financial goals.


Save tax so I can create wealth

Our taxes are a vital resource in making sure our nation continues to provide the essential services we all know and love.

The biggest areas of government spending are health, education, benefits (including Working for Families), NZ Superannuation and infrastructure spending, so contributing towards these services through our taxes is a great responsibility that should not be shirked. However, just like the former Australian billionaire [Kerry Packer] said, “I pay whatever tax I am required to pay under the law – not a penny more, not a penny less” we should pay our fair share.

The government however, encourages us to save tax so we can use it to create wealth, so it makes sense to do just that, don’t you think?


Start planning for my retirement

Most Kiwi’s aim to retire when their state pension (NZ Super) begins at the age of 65. This mean it’s important that you have a plan to continue producing income for at least another 20 years, after you retire.

The most important thing to understand is how much you are going to need, how long it will take to accumulate that and what you need to do to make it happen.

Once you are clear on what your goals are and have decided which of these you can start working towards immediately, you can relax knowing you’re on track.

You can create future income after you retire, while continuing to have a life along the way.


Build a Property Portfolio

As an investment vehicle, residential property in New Zealand’s main centres has provided consistent returns from both capital appreciation and rental income over many decades.

Kiwis love property but it can be confusing, especially for first time investors, should you buy and apartment, a 3 bedroom townhouse or a 4 bedroom brick and tile home with internal access double garage?

We can help you discover what is appropriate for you to achieve your goals.

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The right financial structure will save you tens of thousands of dollars and a slow-and-steady approach to investments, following our advice, will give you decades of time for your wealth to grow securely with minimum risk.

All while allowing you to continue to enjoy your life.


If you believe you have to wait until your kids have left home before you can start paying off your mortgage and begin saving for retirement, it’s simply not true.

Once you realise how easy it actually is and how little money it really takes to achieve your financial goals, you will wish you had started 10 years ago.

Just like planning a trip, knowing where you want to go is the first step to getting there.

Imagine that visiting a financial adviser is just like visiting your travel agent, if you don’t know where you want to go it’s pretty hard for them to tell you how much it will cost or how long it will take to get there.

So, is it Australia you want to go to, or England? As a concept, we know it will take longer to get to England than it will to get to Australia and it will cost more. With Financial Planning the concept is very similar, some goals will take longer to achieve and some will be more expensive.

Our advisers will provide the financial services that are required to you move closer to your goals.

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The most important thing for you to understand though is how much you need, how long it will take you to accumulate that and what you need to do to make it happen.

Once you have a clear idea of what your goals are and you’ve decided which ones you can start working towards (not all goals need to be worked on at once) you can relax knowing you’re on track.

Should I use a Financial Planner?

  • Would you like to save money & make money?
  • Do you have time to research all the financial services available to you?
  • Are you concerned about your retirement funds?
  • Do you have the knowledge to understand if these products are suitable for your financial goals?
  • Are you comfortable taking responsibility for your decisions?
  • Did you know that if you use a financial planner you have more rights if something goes wrong?
  • Would you like to create a passive income?

If you answer no to any of these questions, it’s likely you’d benefit from talking to an adviser!

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A Little About Us

We help clients achieve financial freedom through debt reduction and wealth creation strategies.

We help you accumulate wealth and achieve early financial freedom.

Our financial advisers do this through wise financial control, effective debt management, taxation planning and investment in asset classes appropriate to your personal situation.

We provide you with a detailed personalised strategy showing you how you can achieve your financial goals.

These strategies are developed in consultation with the appropriate members of the MyFuture Advisory Panel and are prepared inhouse by our professional financial advisers.

Once you approve your personalised strategy, our financial advisers then work with you to manage the long-term implementation.

We want to help you achieve your goals.

MyFuture financial advisers are passionate about helping you accomplish your financial goals because we believe helping you, also helps our community and our future generations. We believe that eventually, the government will begin to means test the pension in the same way they do overseas. When they do, will you be prepared? For every kiwi we help to become financially independent, we ensure that no matter what the government decides regarding pensions, you will continue to enjoy the lifestyle you want.

You're On Your Way

You’ve had your first home for a little while now and you’re focused on improving your free time around the demands of your work.
Maybe you and your partner have started a family, or look forward to starting one shortly. Congratulations, it’s a wonderful part of our life journey and the smiles are priceless.
This does mean you feel the pressure of trying to get everything done at once, and done well. Your home should be good-looking enough so you can invite guests to visit; the garden should be tidy and well-maintained; the kids should be polite and civilised enough not to bite the guests or spread the dinner you cooked across the walls. And there’s your romantic relationship to maintain as well.
Sometimes life is exhausting, as you try to get it all right. If there are other things you ought to be doing with your money and time, they will have to wait, as you just can’t manage any more right now. Besides, after the mortgage is paid, and all the bills, whatever money is left is used to try and squeeze the best good time possible out of your little leisure.

You are in more control

You have routines around your life, and you feel more in control than you were a decade ago. You’ve come far, and learnt a lot. Your leisure time is family time, though you also have some solid friendships, and perhaps a treasured hobby.

The Kids Are Growing Fast

Perhaps the kids are old enough for school now. You and your partner are both working, which means there’s a little more income available, and the house has risen in value, so you’ve got some equity, some breathing space. You’ve proven yourself at work, and have experience behind you, which gives you job security.

You feel there may be a better use for the spare cash you have

You feel there may be a better use for the spare cash you have, and perhaps sometime soon you’ll look around for the right education, the right tools, and cobble together some investments for your future. That’s what people are supposed to do, and even if it’s not exciting, it’s probably a good idea.

Retirement will be here in a couple of decades

Years of your work-life are gone, and you’re aware that retirement will be here in a couple of decades. It really is time to put something in place for that, but it’s hard to know where to start. Far easier – and more enjoyable – to reward yourself for those years of hard work with a new car, an overseas holiday, perhaps the renovation you’ve been thinking about since you first moved into this house. Or maybe just buy a new house that’s bigger, and makes it easier to live with teenagers.

The Teen Age Years

The kids are older now, and a lot of your time is your own, now they’d rather be with friends. You can see the moment fast-approaching when they’ll move out and start their own lives. You wish you could do something to help, in a world that is more difficult and complex now than it was when you were their age.
You know how you like to live, and you have your comfortable routines about running the house, seeing friends, managing your home life and maintaining your relationships.

Crunch Time

It’s hard to watch your kids struggle to get started in life, and you wish you could do more to help them. But you have your own mountain to climb: retirement is nearly here, and you’re counting down the years and wondering if you can get enough saved to make a difference once you do retire. Perhaps you’ll have to keep working, at least part time. And you’ll probably have to sell the house and find something smaller, hopefully not too far from your circle of friends and your community.