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Want to be Mortgage Free Years Earlier and Save Thousands in the Process?
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With the right mortgage structure and guidance, we can show you how to significantly reduce your mortgage term and save money in the process.

On average, our clients save over $100,000 in interest.

To find out how much you could make money, save money and plan for retirement with the guidance of Terry Rota and Lara Maloney.

During the 45-minute consultation we will show you:

How much money you could save on your mortgage and how many years you could have it paid off in.
How much income tax you will pay between now and retirement and how much of that you might be able to save too.
How to use your mortgage and tax savings to achieve financial your passive income goals / create wealth for your future.
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How Much Can You Save?

On a typical $600,000 mortgage at 4.95%, you’re not only required to repay that initial amount but approximately $552,000 in additional interest when making monthly repayments over a 30-year term.

That’s almost double what you needed to pay for your home in the first place. It doesn’t have to be like this though.

It’s possible to pay off your mortgage sooner and save thousands of dollars in the process.

There are a few different ways to pay off your mortgage sooner. Some of them you’ll be familiar with, and others, not so much.

For example, you could make small, additional payments every week towards your mortgage.

Using our previous example, by simply making an additional $50 per week payment (on top of your existing mortgage repayments), you can pay off your mortgage 4 years earlier and save yourself $83,000 in interest.

Another common strategy is to make fortnightly payments rather than monthly.

Using that same example, simply by switching to fortnightly payments, you can pay off your mortgage 5 years earlier and save yourself $100,000 in interest.

Of course, you could do both. By changing to fortnightly payments with an added top-up of $50 per week, you could pay off your mortgage 8 years earlier and save yourself $162,000.

That’s a lot of money you could do great things with.

This is where it gets really interesting though. If you’re really serious about being mortgage free, there are clever ways to combine banks’ loan products to turbo-charge your mortgage repayments even further.

In fact, using that same example, with the right structure, it’s possible to be mortgage free in half the time (15 years) and save over $300,000 in interest.

These advanced strategies are MyFuture’s secret sauce.

We’re Your Financial Advisers

As your Financial Advisers, we’re passionate about helping you achieve financial freedom through effective debt elimination, tax savings and wealth creation strategies.

We follow the 6-step financial advice process which is the international standard for Financial Advisers. When combined with a holistic approach to your overall financial affairs, this process has been proven to increase the likelihood of you achieving your financial goals.

During your first consultation, we gather all the necessary facts to better understand your situation including what your short, medium and long-term goals are and what resources you have available to help you achieve those goals.

Once we determine your suitability to become a client, our Advisory Panel then develops a strategy showing you how to achieve your financial goals. Once you fully understand and approve this, we then begin working with you to manage the long-term implementation.

A Little About Us

We were created to help clients achieve financial freedom through debt reduction and wealth creation strategies.

We want to help you achieve your goals.

MyFuture is passionate about helping you accomplish your financial goals because we believe helping you, also helps our community and our future generations.

We believe that eventually, the government will begin to means test the pension in the same way they do overseas. When they do, will you be prepared for your retirement?

For every kiwi we help become financially independent through clever planning, we ensure that no matter what the government decides regarding pensions, you will continue to enjoy the lifestyle you want.

We help you accumulate wealth and achieve early financial freedom.

We help you save money and make money through wise financial control, effective debt management, taxation planning and investment in asset classes appropriate to your personal situation.

We provide you with a detailed personalised strategy showing you how you can achieve your financial goals.

MyFuture financial strategies are developed in consultation with the appropriate members of the MyFuture Advisory Panel and prepared inhouse by our professional financial advisers.

Once you approve your personalised strategy, we then work with you and the appropriate specialists to manage the long-term implementation.